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Crocus Technology develops and supplies magnetic sensors and embedded memory solutions designed with Magnetic Logic Unit™ (MLU) technology.

Crocus’ magnetic sensors bring significant advantages to industrial, consumer electronics and automotive applications requiring high sensitivity, high temperature, low-noise and low-cost. MLU’s distinguishing properties for enabling speed and endurance afford new levels of robustness to Crocus’ embedded memory solutions aimed at IoT and security applications.

Crocus is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, and has office in Grenoble, France. It co-owns Crocus Nano Electronics, a Russian-based advanced magnetic semiconductor manufacturing facility.
DisplayLink is the pioneer of network display technology that creates simple connections between computers and multiple monitors via USB, making the benefits of expanded visual workspace available to everyone. Their patent-pending technology allows for high resolution, full 32-bit color graphics playback from just about any PC on up to six monitors of just about any shape and size.
Crystals, Programmable & Fixed Frequency Oscillators, SAW products, PLL Modules, Monolithic Crystal Filters, Sensors, Optical Devices, Gyros and Real Time Clocks.
Etron offers cutting-edge Known-Good-Die-Memory (KGDM) and Consumer Electronic DRAM (CEDRAM). Etron's full line of Buffer DRAM chips - available in densities ranging from 8Mb to 1Gb - is designed to ensure high processing speeds and low-power consumption for Consumer, Communication, Computer, and Car ( 4C ) applications. Moreover, Etron has developed many advanced system-on-chip (SOC) IC products, including USB3.0 host controller ICs, USB3.0 flash drive controller ICs, and 3D imaging and gesture-sensing integrated webcam controller ICs.
GEO GEO is the industry leader in programmable, high performance geometric processor ICs focused on smartphones, smartphone peripherals, automotive cameras and surveillance markets. GEO's highly patented eWarp platform technology features the lowest power and silicon cost for performing unlimited pixel transformations such as de-warping wide-angle, fisheye and 360 degree video streams and enabling all digital ePTZ (electronic pan/tilt/zoom).
Lattice Semiconductor (NASDAQ: LSCC) provides smart connectivity solutions powered by our low power FPGA, video ASSP, 60 GHz millimeter wave, and IP products to the consumer, communications, industrial, computing, and automotive markets worldwide. Our unwavering commitment to our customers enables them to accelerate their innovation, creating an ever better and more connected world.

Portwell's extensive product portfolio includes single-board computers, embedded computers, specialty computer platforms, rackmount computers, communication appliances, and human-machine interfaces. Portwell provides both off-the-shelf and versatile custom solutions for applications in the medical equipment, factory automation, retail automation, semiconductor equipment, financial automation, mission critical and network security markets. Encouraged by Portwell's compliance with such quality and environmental standards as ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TL 9000 and RoHS process, partnered companies have taken advantage of our customer-oriented and dedicated engineering resource to satisfy their need for superior mechanical chassis, computer board design and modification, and specific system configurations, testing and assembly.

Silego designs and sells highly configurable power, logic, and timing mixed signal IC products referred to as CMICs (Configurable Mixed-signal IC Products). The CMIC products integrate medium precision analog components, discrete digital logic, and passive components into highly configurable small, easy to use, low cost ICs. CMIC products provide customers the benefits of reduced system parts count, lower power consumption, less board space and reduced BOM costs.
Silicon Image is a leading provider of wireless and wired connectivity solutions that enable the reliable distribution and presentation of high-definition content for consumer electronics, mobile, and PC markets.  Silicon Image has driven the creation of the highly successful HDMI® and DVI™ industry standards, the latest standards for mobile devices - SPMT™ (Serial Port Memory Technology) and MHL™ (Mobile High-Definition Link), and the standard for 60GHz wireless HD video – WirelessHD™ (WiHD).
Sonics, Inc. (Milpitas, Calif.) is the global leader in trusted on-chip network (NoC) technologies used by the industry’s top semiconductor and electronics product companies. Sonics was the first company to develop and commercialize NoCs, accelerating volume production of complex systems-on-chip (SoC) that contain multiple processor cores. Our comprehensive NoC portfolio delivers the communication performance required by today’s most advanced consumer digital, communications and information technology devices. Sonics’ NoCs are integral to the success of SoC design platforms that innovators such as Broadcom®, Intel®, Marvell®, MediaTek, and Microchip® rely on to meet their most demanding SoC integration and time-to-market requirements. We are a catalyst for design methodology change and actively drive industry conversation on the Agile IC LinkedIn.com.  Sonics' holds more than 138 patent properties supporting customer products that have been shipped more than two billion SoCs.  For more information, visit sonicsinc.com, and follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/sonicsinc.
TE Consumer Device is a technology leader in the world’s fastest growing consumer markets, helping connect power, data and signal.  TE’s market-defining technologies and engineering expertise is setting the pace for the future of connectivity in the following areas:

Antennas - Standard and Custom, Pico Switching Coax, U.FL compatible cable assemblies

I/O & Docking products - USB, HDMI, Displayport, Cable Assembly

Internal Interconnect – FPC/FFC, B2B, WTB, SATA, CT, M.2

Sockets – uProcessor, Memory, Test

Card Interconnect – SIM, uSIM, SD and PCMCIA

Power & Grounding – Spring Fingers, Battery connectors
Microwave Semiconductors, display bridge IC's, camera bridge IC's and a broad offering of semiconductors including Memory and Flash memory-based storage solutions, Discrete components, Optoelectronics, ASICs, custom SOCs, Microprocessors, Microcontrollers and Wireless components for the computing, wireless, networking, automotive, and digital consumer market.
1st class solutions for contract manufacturing, design and ODM services.
Bager Electronics